Instagram-worthy Places in Bali You Must Visit

Hello there! I'm finally back with the fourth post about Bali and it's a loooong one with lots of visuals! I love Bali so much and I'm sharing this in hopes you may find this post helpful if you're visiting Bali anytime soon!
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Introducing you the famous Bali Swing! Pretty sure you've seen pictures like this countless times on Instagram. Located in Bali's famous town Ubud, it took us about an hour motorbike ride from Seminyak area. Just search 'Bali Swing' on Google Maps and it will lead you to the right location. I believe many people think it's free entry but nope... the entrance fee was actually around USD30 (can't remember the exact amount) for 30 minutes with a free drink. It's kinda pricey if you convert into MYR but it was a good experience I guess. I mean where do you find swings with beautiful view like this anywhere else anyways... Worth a try if you're all about trying new things out! May be crowded though now that they're so famous. I suggest giving them a call to make a reservation beforehand!

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/baliswing/

Mrs Sippy Bali was definitely one of the highlights of my trip. Think a big pool surrounded by cabanas and daybeds with lots of trees around with tropical house playing in the background. This place is where you find yourself laying on the daybed sipping on your cocktails while grooving to the music. I love everything about this place. From the aesthetics of the pool club, to the vibes, to the drinks served. We went on a Thursday, which coincided with their Thirsty Thursday deal where you buy 1 (specific) drink and get 1 free so our drinks were really affordable! All the relaxed and good vibes there just makes you wanna laze all day long... which is exactly what we did.

What makes them special from other pool clubs is their 5m cliff jump. There was this lady who contemplated for 2 hours when she was up there and eventually gained everyone's attention. She ran and ran a few times but just couldn't bring herself to jump. The other people did it effortlessly, some even backflipped their way into the pool.. Looking at her from the bottom I laughed and said it can't be that difficult, it's not even that high. So I decided to do it...... The moment I stood by the cliff I was shaking. Trust me it's 10000x harder than it seems. And much higher than what it actually looked from the bottom. I couldn't gather the courage to jump after a few attempts so I asked someone to push me lightly. I fell and screamed my lungs out throughout the few seconds which felt like minutes. I swear it was the most horrific experience in my life!!! I honestly felt like I was dying when I was in the air and when I landed in the water it felt like I was drowning because 1. I hate water. 2. I can't swim. 3. It's VERY deep. I struggled my way up and was so relieved I was alive when I saw the light lol. I'm never doing anything like this anymore... However if you're more of a daring person, I'd say go and give it a try, maybe you'd enjoy the adrenaline rush.

Address: Jl. Taman Ganesha, Gang Gagak 8, Seminyak, Bali 80361, Indonesia (right next to Potato Head)

Balangan Beach is known as a surfer's paradise and you will see both local & foreign surfers all geared up riding the waves there. All we wanted was to look for this popular cliff which is all over Instagram because you gotta do it for the gram when you're in Bali... The roads to this beach were a little challenging for us as we were riding a motorcycle. The roads to the beach were rocky and we had to go through slopes uphill and downhill and we almost fell thanks to the boyfriend's amazing balancing skills!

To get to this cliffside, just ask around the locals or look for the parking space. It was pretty scary to stand on the cliff at first because I'm afraid of heights but the view is so so soooo stunning you just gotta overcome your fear and do it. Totally worth a visit if you're all about that Instagram worthy shot!

People ask me how do I find all these beautiful places and I must say it's all thanks to the people I follow and the hours I spend on Instagram every day... Stumbled upon this stunning jacuzzi with a view on IG and I knew I had to make my way there. We booked a massage session at the La Joya Biu Biu resort and it was something different in an amazing way! Imagine an outdoor massage with the sounds of wave crashing. Pretty damn relaxing. We also went to the poolside bar area for some drinks after our massage and watched the sun go down. This place is one of the main highlights of our trip and I highly recommend it if you're heading to the Uluwatu area!

P.S. you need to pay for the jacuzzi btw but I asked them if I could just take some pictures there and they allowed!

This is probably the most crowded beach I've ever been to but I still love it. Spent two evenings here catching sunsets and I loved every second of it. There is just something about Bali sunsets that leave you feeling so complete... And there are always dogs running around so that's a plus point for me!

If you're a fan of quiet and secluded beaches this place is for you as Pantai Gunung Payung is one of the hidden beaches in Bali. I personally prefer beaches that are more happening so I didn't really enjoy this place much.

Thank you so much for reading! Bali is definitely a paradise and I can't wait to return!

Bangkok adventures up next xx

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