Tropical Hues

In collaboration with Lord Timepieces

Have you ever felt the immense joy of digging something old and forgotten out from your closet?! I surely did. Here I am decked in this halter neck dress of the perfect shade of peachy pink which I purchased at least 6 years ago. Surprisingly it still fits me well despite putting on so much weight over the years. I believe the colour of this dress added the summer hue I was going for in this photo shoot so yay to that!

Anyways, good things are meant to be shared so I'd like to introduce you an affordable luxury watch brand, Lord Timepieces, that I will be featuring in this post today. There are so many new and growing watch brands these days (especially on Instagram!) but Lord Timepieces surely stand out due to their attractive price tag. Priced from only £55 (around RM300), the reasonable price definitely did not compromise on the quality of the watches. My preferred choice is the Classic Rose Gold watch because I personally love rose gold accessories over silver/gold. If you're not a fan of rose gold like me, they do have the classic watch in silver and gold as well, and they look equally pretty. However if you're not so fond of metallic colours, they do offer a range of colours to pick from so you can always opt for the safe colours like black, brown, pink or grey! I assure you the quality of the watches is way more worthy of the price you're paying for. Trust me you will not be disappointed.

I hope you enjoy these photos! More to come because I'm finally into taking pictures again. I have a few shoots planned out and I hope they turn out good! Will share soon x

*All photos taken w iPhone 7+, edited on VSCO Cam

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