The Court Series

My favourite kinda casual outfit includes my boyfriend's cap & flannel, some vintage Levi's and my current most loved shoes!

In addition to my Little Sneakers Collection I have my current favourite pair - Vans Veggie Tan (which my boyfriend gifted me during Christmas '16)! I have to admit I wasn't so fond of Vans before, I was more of a Converse gal until I was influenced by The Line Up and fell in love with the Old Skool design last year so I decided to get myself a pair. No regrets. Now I'm forever changed.. I love Vans. Their shoes are pocket-friendly, super comfortable and so versatile! Now let's talk about these veggie tans. They're the old skool design and it's in the most perfect shade of nude pink ever?! And leather?!!! I'm totally obsessed! It'll definitely remain my favourite until I lay my hands on some Common Projects.

Cheyenne x

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