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Hello there! I just came back from a short getaway in Bangkok with my boyfriend, and I must admit this was a pretty spontaneous trip. I had to plan everything within my budget so I'm immensely grateful for this opportunity to collaborate with a 5-star hotel, W Hotel Bangkok. Prior to this trip, I've always had the mindset of saving on accommodation so I will have more to splurge on other stuff like shopping, food and other activities, because at the end of the day you only need a place to put up at. Boy was I wrong...... W Hotel Bangkok opened my eyes. I feel like a different person with changed perspectives!

We took an Uber from Suvarnabhumi Airport and the ride was about 30-45 minutes, because BKK's traffic is no joke. Once we arrived we were so amazed by the building. Little did we know there were more surprises waiting for us! I was greeted with the biggest smile by KJ, the W Insider! After my check-in I was brought around the hotel for a quick tour with Natcha where she explained the little details of the hotel's designs, wall arts and etc. Every single worker there is so well-mannered. They greet you every time you see them! They hold lift doors for you, they ask you how's your day, they are always smiling. I don't know about you, but these little things matter the most to me. You can have a 5-star hotel but if your service is shit, you know for sure your customers won't return. W Hotel's service was top-notch, they made me feel like home. Ask my boyfriend for his opinions and he'll give you a long list of "Why is W Hotel the best hotel ever", he loved it so much he didn't wanna leave!

I was given a "Spectacular Room" and I was more than contented. With two handwritten notes and delicious macarons as welcome gifts, I've never felt this privileged before. I wish time was slowing down. The room was spacious and cozy, just how I'd like it to be. The first thing I did when I entered the room was draw the curtains because my room was on the 17th floor! The view was stunning. We spent half the day exploring the hotel, went for a swim and took lots of pictures! I ensured I made full use of the bath tub too (they also provide bubble bath soap). Our first night sleep was so satisfying... that mattress must be hella expensive because it's certainly the best bed I've ever slept on. Seriously. It felt like clouds! Initially we had our second day all planned out, I wanted to shop till I drop. In the end I only shopped for 2 hours and returned to the hotel because we just wanted to stay in for the rest of our day. We even ate instant noodles as lunch in our room. That's how amazing the hotel is.

W Hotel may be on the pricier side, because well it's a 5-star luxury hotel. Considering the out of the world hospitality you get, it is worth every single cent. If good service matters to you, W Hotel is for you. Not forgetting the facilities like 24-hour gym and pool! I promise you will be satisfied with the money spent. The hotel's designs are inspired by Muay Thai, one of Thailand's most popular sports. Hence you will find things like bedazzled tiger, dragon and phoenix on the walls. This simply explains the boxing gloves and dragon-printed bedspread you'll see in the room pictures below. I find it unique how the hotel's designs are influenced by something they are so proud of!

Okay.. let the pictures begin! I'll start with a simple room tour and pictures taken in the room-


At the pool-
Our second favourite spot to chill at (first is definitely our room). It's not crowded so you get to enjoy and have your own space without worrying about anything at all! That one thing that is special about W Hotel's pool has got to be the underwater speakers. You get to listen to music while swimming, how cool is that?!

Here's a quick hotel tour! Everything's somehow different and stands out.
Once you enter the hotel you will see the big 'W' sign below!

These are all tuk tuk's headlights/brake lights. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Fyi, tuk tuk is like an auto rickshaw Thailand style.

Day & Night

W Hotel's breakfast spreads looked impressive too. We stuffed ourselves with so much food for the two mornings! I loved the croissants so much, as you can tell.

@ The House on Sathorn
Located right next to W Hotel, this 127-year-old building totally contrasts with W Hotel's modern architecture! The building was repainted with exact same shade it was previously. Nothing was changed at all. How amazing is that?! They now serve delicious food and lots of cocktails. Check out their website for more information!

Loved 'The Courtyard', so I took tons of pictures there!


This marks the end of my W Hotel Bangkok post! I hope I did not bad, considering it's my first time doing a hotel review. I will be back, and even if I don't get complimentary stay again, I will definitely pay for it!

Shoutout to Natcha and KJ (W Insider), thank you both so much for the fantastic hospitality, I really couldn't ask for more. Thanks a million for giving me this opportunity, I truly appreciate it. I hope to meet you both again soon! Till then, xx

*Also, I'll have an upcoming blog post solely focused on shopping in Bangkok featuring my hauls!

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