Little Sneakers Collection

Greeeetings! Hope y'all enjoyed my little room tour in the previous post. I've been taking lots of pictures recently so I'm trying to be more consistent on blogging these days.. even though I'm not even sure if there are people reading this hahaha. Anyways, I'd like to share about my little sneakers collection that I appreciate so much today. I won't consider myself as anything close to a sneakerhead at all, I'm just a basic girl who likes sneakers (even though I wear slippers on most days lol). My personal collection makes me happy and I hope they'll grow when I have more money to splurge in the future. Can't wait for the day I own few pairs of Common Projects! For now I'm more than contented with what I have. Even though they are nothing extraordinary, just your basic white trainers and old skool stuff cause I'd say my style is pretty safe(or basic).. I hope you enjoy this little collection!

All photos taken by my boyfriend Brandon, edited by me.

You'll probably see my Singapore visuals in the next post! Till then xx

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