To The Land Down Under

G'day! I'm finally back with another travel post! Warning: looooooong post ahead!

My two weeks long winter holiday in Melbourne felt different from all the other vacations. I felt I was home. I don't know why. Maybe it was the hot chocolate that warmed me up in the cold mornings; maybe it was the grocery shopping and cooking; or maybe it was Brandon's presence that was homely hahaha. Melbourne is a boring place if you are all by yourself. Being used to Malaysia's shopping malls that close at 10p.m. and the ever happening nightlife, Melb would be dead boring if I didn't have the company I had. I stayed in Clayton, where Brandon's sister's boyfriend's house was located at. The house was filled with people, so it was never boring hehehe! They turned boring weekday nights into fun ones thanks to Saboteur and Monopoly. We also travelled to Great Ocean Road & Mornington together.

I can't be writing day by day (cause I was there for 15 days!!!) so I'll only include those places that are worth mentioning. I don't think I explored enough of Melbourne though... but that's good enough for now!

@ The Kettle Black Cafe
Melbourne's known for their cafes so cafe hopping is definitely a must! Even though they cost a bomb after conversion... Prior to this trip I've always seen pictures of this cafe on Instagram. Just look at the pancakes with edible leaves and flowers! I'm sure you've seen it somewhere too. If not then you'll finally see it here lol. Anyways, I loved the cafe's unique building so much. The fluffy pancakes tasted pretty good too. Worth a visit I'd say!

@ Flinders Street Station
It's the Flinders Street Station!!!! We were in the car when we passed by so I couldn't get a perfect shot of this very photographed place... Spent our afternoon walking around Melbourne Central and Emporium. The shopping malls in Melbourne are pretty cool but sadly their operating hours are so short.

@ Alumbra night club
BEST CLUBBING NIGHT EVER! The company was quite odd but somehow the night ended so perfectly that I wished there was a second round. I loved the songs they played there too!!!

The view of Docklands at night (before we went in to the club!) -

@ Great Ocean Road
This scenic place was definitely one of the highlights of my Melbourne trip. We only had an hour sleep after clubbing the previous night so we slept through the 4-hour journey... What a waste because they say the best view is during the long drive through the winding roads after the Great Ocean Road entrance! The weather on that day was freezing cold, and being so close to the sea didn't help a single bit. I was constantly battling the wind that messed up my hair the entire time, and the cold that totally numbed my hands which made taking photos a challenge! Before visiting The Twelve Apostles, we also stopped by some lookouts stops to get the best views from above. They have a few lookouts along the way so you can choose which to stop at.

Split Point Lighthouse

@ South Wharf
We actually came to this place for the DFO outlet. And I'm so thankful we did because the view was pretty worth it! They have shops like Nike, Adidas, Converse, Vans, Fila, Puma and so on so worth a visit! I must admit shopping in Melbourne is nothing close to exciting for me cause I really don't have the extra money to spend hahaha.

@ Southern Cross Station
Stopped by this station just to go to Spencer Outlet Centre. Nothing much to shop for I'd say... so I just took some pictures outside.

@ State Library of Victoria
THIS PLACE IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! Australian students are so lucky to have such a beautiful library to study in. I was totally left in awe once I stepped in. The architecture, the ambiance, the facilities- everything looked amazing!

@ Queen Victoria Market
I loved this place! This is where you should go if you're looking for souvenirs to bring home. They have all sorts of souvenirs you need and want! They also have lots of fresh fruits/vegetables/meats/seafoods to choose from! It was also my second time trying oysters, and I hate them even more now.

Seeing QVM from above (this was taken from my friend's apartment)

While walking to QVM

@ White Mojo
Had brunch at this little cafe located at Hardware Street with our beloved friends Dex & Kylie. This croissant was super delicious! If you're planning to visit Melbourne, please include this in your itinerary because you won't regret!!

@ Yo My Goodness
Pretty yummy burger!

@ St Kilda Beach
THE STRONGEST WIND I'VE EVER EXPERIENCED! The weather was just perfect, despite the crazy wind! Thankfully my outfit that day was sufficient. Winter is no joke. You gotta keep layering man. Anyways, I loved the view there and we also spotted a little penguin which was hiding under the rocks!

@ Prahran
Here's a short story for you- So we were travelling to the city and halfway through Brandon realised he wouldn't be able to tag out of the station as he forgot to bring his Myki card out. So we had to stop by a random station to get him a new Myki card. Also, they don't sell the the card at the station we were at so we had to walk to 7-11 to get it. Gotta thank Brandon for being a clumsy ass cause this place turned out to be one of the highlights of my trip! I loved every corner of it. They also had hipster shops that carry hypebeast kinda stuff! How lovely.

@ Parliament House 
One day Brandon and I had time to spare so we decided to be typical tourists hahaha. I loved my pictures taken there though!

@ Brunswick
Had to pay this hippie town a visit because this place is filled with thrift shops! Sadly we arrived Brunswick a little late, almost all of the restaurants we chose were closed. We were starving so we had no choice but to let Google Maps lead us to the nearest McDonald's (which was 20 minutes walk away). As it was getting late, the weather wasn't on our side either. The 20-minute walk was quite torturous. Thankfully the 20 pieces of nuggets and oreo cheesecake we had after cheered us up!

@ Brighton Beach
This place was so far from where we stayed... Went through about an hour train ride to get there I think. Once we reached, I realised we had to walk about half an hour to get to the famous colourful bathing boxes. 5 minutes into our journey I called it quits. It will not be worth it. We had to waste so much time to get to our next destination sigh. I should've listened to Brandon when he said Brighton Beach was shit... cause it really was.

@ Mornington 
THIS PLACE IS THE MAIN HIGHLIGHT OF MY TRIP! Brandon said the car ride there (about an hour from Clayton) was incredible. The skies were filled with stars. They shined so bright. Sadly I was sleeping soundly at the backseat lol. We decided to stay in for the night to play beer pong and cards. Woke up early the next morning and that's when the adventure began! The weather was so perfect I can't......

At some lookout, I don't remember the name :(

@ Cape Schanck
SO LOVELY MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST VISIT!!!!!!!! The trails were very easy to walk on, and it will lead you to the rocks which you gotta climb on!!! Tip: wear suitable shoes. I was in heeled boots so it wasn't easy for me to climb.

@ St Andrew's Beach
If you ever plan to visit Mornington, please go to this beach for sunset. You will not regret. Brandon and I ran to the beach while others stood by the car at the parking lot. We took lots of pictures while appreciating nature. I really loved this beach so much you could see it from my smile in the pictures below.

Cheyenne xx

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