Lumut, Perak

One of my 2016 resolutions is to visit more places in my own country as I believe there are a lot of gems in Malaysia. So I had to tag along my boyfriend and his family to Taiping and Lumut! The main purpose of this trip was to have prayers for his late grandmother in Taiping and his aunty thought it'd be fun to put up a night in Lumut after. We stayed in Swiss Garden Beach Resort Damai Laut. The amount of flies there is insane... I would say my experience with this resort was 50-50. The pillow sheets and towels smelled pretty foul but they changed it immediately after we told them. So, good and bad I guess.

The private beach of the hotel is not pretty at all. Water is not clear, sand is rough and it's quite small. We just took some pictures and left. We were supposed to head to Pangkor Island early morning the next day but the 15 min boat ride there would cost us RM90. So we decided to save the money and just play water sports at the private beach. 3 water sports costed us RM120/per pax. Not cheap but pretty worth it since we already saved that RM90.

I won't call this place a gem but on the bright side I've been to more places now! Also, I'm beyond thankful for a boyfriend who loves taking pictures for me. I have found my best travel partner. I wish we will go places together in the future!

Hope you enjoy the pictures, more posts to come xx


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