3 Girls Take Bali

Greetings! I always get excited to blog about my travels, so here's another one about Bali! You can read the previous one HERE. I don't remember every little detail especially the digits but this is rougly how much I spent on this whole trip.

Flight(return) - Air Asia; RM387
Accommodation - Legian 101; about RM300/per person for 5 days 4 nights
Transport - Food - RM100-150 I guess? I ordered avocado juice in almost every restaurant that I went lol.
Shopping - < RM100

Prior to this trip, we told ourselves to make it more like a budget trip and to restrain ourselves from spending unnecessary money but we ended up giving in to shopping (and avocado juices). Bali is the place to go if you're looking for a short chill getaway with your friends.

Day 1-
We landed around 12pm and settled everything by 4pm. Washed up and went to Kuta Beach which was the nearest beach to our hotel. We took lots of photos, laid on the sand and watched the sun go down. Our first day was pretty free but definitely a good start to the trip. We spent some time walking around Legian streets outside of our hotel and bought some pretty clothes. Bali is full of crochet goodness, and what's better is almost everything crochet is handmade!

Day 2-
We rented a driver to bring us to further places like Pandawa Beach, Dreamland Beach and AYANA Resort and Spa.

Started the day with an authentic Indonesian meal at Kuta Square. I personally don't fancy Indonesian cuisine, find them just alright. Malaysian cuisine is the bomb.

And and I finally got the chance to wear my favourite swimsuit from The Juice Market which was a present from my BFF! I love it to death.

@ Pandawa Beach
The weather was scorching hot, but we had a dip and all was well.

Look at the gradient shades of blue though... how beautiful!

@ Dreamland Beach
The waves here are soooo large and strong compared to Pandawa. I was too carried away taking photos and did not notice the high tides. My bag was literally swimming lol. Thank God my phone wasn't in my bag.

@ AYANA Rock Bar in AYANA Resort and Spa Bali
This resort is soooooo famous especially on Instagram! As it's a 5-star hotel, we could only visit their rock bar and not stay there... Everything there is really pretty, including their rock bar. However we had to pay for our overpriced non-alcoholic drinks in order to get a spot to watch the sunset. I wouldn't say it's worth it. I believe there are many better places (and maybe cheaper) to watch the sunset.

Day 3-
Just another chill day. Made our way to Potato Head Beach Club Bali which is so highly raved by everyone who's been there before. We didn't stay there though as we went late and the crowd was a bit too much so we didn't manage to get a good spot. We decided to settle down at W Hotel which was just next door. Best. decision. ever! Their pool was so much fun with the pink bean bag float they provide (only 3 though- so you gotta be fast and selfish.. heh). The ambiance there is amazing too, I really liked it. The crowd was so much better compared to Potato Head. Definitely recommended if you're looking for somewhere to spend your noon over drinks with friends!

Day 4-
Repeated outfit because I didn't feel comfortable in the other swimsuit I brought. Basically spent the half day shopping at Legian and Seminyak. Went to Legian beach to watch the sunset after we were done with all the shopping. Washed up and got ready to club at Sky Garden which was just 5 minutes walk from our hotel. Lucky us, Dyro was spinning that night so we had the chance to party to a famous DJ to end this trip perfectly. The entrance fee was about RM50 with 2 choices of drinks, pretty worth it I would say. Dyro isn't my cup of tea though.

Day 5-
Woke up late. Ate. Had the last Indonesian meal and avocado juice. Bid goodbye to Bali the paradise. Flew back to Malaysia. That's all. 

Hope you enjoyed this brief post with lots of visuals. Gotta run, no time for proofreading. Till then xx

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