Seoul Adventures

Disclaimer: If you don't mind not so great quality photos and not so detailed post(I honestly don't remember some of the complicated names of the places I visited), I hope you enjoy.

As you may or may not know, I'm a self-proclaimed wanderluster(I don't think there's such word but you know what I mean) BUT I really really dread long flights. Or just flights in general. The journey to Sepang, the queue, the wait, the crowd, and the fear of not returning...

The flight to Seoul was 6 hours long but it felt like it was half a day. Was sooo happy when we finally landed! But wasn't that happy because I totally underestimated the weather there. I thought throwing a jacket over would be sufficient to get through the cold for 10 days but I was so wrong. The wind killed me.

My travel partner, Jiexi, and I rented a private room in Maruji guesthouse in Hongdae. Apparently Hongdae is the hottest and most suitable area for youngsters so we thought it'd be convenient. The guesthouse was nothing special but I guess it was good enough considering the host was really helpful and friendly, we had a comfortable room, a clean toilet and free breakfast. We only had bread, cereals, milk and juice for breakfast but you have no idea how much it helped us in saving cost. The food there is not cheap at all. All in all, it was a good place to stay. The only downside was the distance from the guesthouse to the nearest subway. It took us about 10 minutes every day.

After settling down, we decided to just spend the rest of our day around Hongdae.

My pretty Seoul sister with her favourite Korean rice cake

Day 2-
We decided to visit the well known N Seoul Tower at Namsan. We travelled everywhere by subway trains and rarely buses. But it was a must to get on the Namsan tour bus to get to the N Seoul Tower. Unless you wanna climb up there yourself. The tower was nothing fascinating but since it's so tall then why not. They also had lots of love locks there. And we bumped into a celebrity there!! I didn't know who was this blonde hair guy everyone was following but you know me and my curiosity. So I took a selfie with him and posted on Twitter, then someone told me he was Kangnam.

On a side note, the guys you see in Korean dramas do not exist in South Korea. Or Seoul at least. Not to mention the goddesses as well...

Here are some pictures taken at Namsan Mountain-

Headed to Myeongdong next! One of the most popular places in Seoul.

It was cold but we couldn't resist this ice cream!! The taste was not bad but of course I didn't finish it. Couldn't stand the cold so I had to throw it away.

It was a Friday night then, so we decided to yolo and went clubbing at Cocoon club in our area. I must say the way Koreans party is so different from Malaysians. Not good or bad, just different. Lots of Malaysian girls wear short dresses and heels to clubs but Korean girls just wear jeans with sneakers and dance their asses off. You may say it's the weather but keep in mind there are lockers available. And Koreans don't drink as much as Malaysians! It seemed like their intention was to dance, and only dance. There's no such thing as 'girls don't have to pay' in Korea because they go by entrance fees. It was about 20K Won but a good experience nonetheless.

Day 3-
Went to the art market near Hongik University in Hongdae. They only have it on weekends if I'm not mistaken. It was just normal, I guess it must take an artistic person to really enjoy an art market.

Started our day with some gelato! Didn't really do much that day. The only highlight was Stylenanda flagship store.

We queued for about half an hour for the photo booth which didn't beautify us at all. When the screen displayed the photos taken we burst out laughing cause we looked SO hideous! We went for a second round and the photos turned out much better.

Skipping day 4 cause I don't remember anything and there are no photos taken......

Day 5-
Visited Bukchon Hanok Village and I must say that place was one of the main highlights of our Seoul trip. We got to see the more traditional side there and it was pretty enjoyable.

Day 6-
Visited the famous Ewha Womans University! The shopping streets around that area was quite good. Affordable prices and wide range of choices!

Day 7-
Gangnam was the higher class place I'd say. And it was also the only place we got to see some cherry blossoms... Sinsa-dong(Apgujeong Rodeo Street to be exact) was one of the main highlights of the trip! I kinda liked that place.

Day 8-
To Everland~ B O R I N G...... Unfortunately that day was the only day we forgot to bring the cable to charge our portable wifi. We even slept in a restaurant there...

Day 9-
Went back to Sinsa-dong because as mentioned above we really like that place. After seeing so many NBA stores, we finally decided to enter one on our second last day. And damn how I wished we did earlier. They have really cool sweaters and caps!

Featuring a new Chicago Bulls cap I bought for Brandon-

Spent our last morning settling our stuff before going to the airport. We had so much stuff to hold and we were struggling to hold everything properly. By everything I meant 2 big luggages, 2 small luggages and 4 shopping bags... Thankfully our host offered to send us to the bus stop.

To be honest, I will not visit Seoul without a friend who can speak Korean(thankfully I went with Jiexi who speaks Korean quite fluently). Main reason being most of the Koreans I encountered were rude and unfriendly. Communication would've been a huge problem if I was alone. Nonetheless South Korea is a fun and lively place to visit!

Cheyenne x

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