Life Made Easier With iprice

As time goes by, more and more online shops are coming to live, the market is becoming increasingly competitive, which makes it more difficult for us to know which shop has better deals. Honestly, all we need is just a place where we can actually get anything and everything from without too much effort, right? Like why would you even wanna go to 5 places to get 5 different things when you can get all 5 things at 1 place?!

Thankfully, a bunch of young individuals, with a special mix of tech geeks, fashionistas and entrepreneurs felt that it was time to step up the online shopping game - hence the born of iprice!

Basically, iprice is just like a shopping mall in the online form. From gadgets for your brother to beauty products for your sister to toys for your kids to clothes for your mother.. whatever you want or need, iprice has it. That saves you a looooot of time and of course effort as well! Especially during Christmas when you need to buy 128 presents for family and friends! I guess it's heaven for lazy yet demanding people like me. Think retailers like Mango + ALDO + Reebok + Daiso + Popular bookstore + Harvey Norman altogether.

This is how iprice's website looks like. Simple and neat. Good enough for people with OCD like me.

Not to mention iprice also offers lots of coupon codes and discounts up to 70% that are collected from their affliates such as Zalora, Lazada, Banana Republic, Romwe, Agoda, Air Asia and many more. The words coupons and discounts just make shopping better. Especially for cheapskates like me... I'd prefer to be called a smart shopper though.

Lots of coupons waiting for you!

List of brands! There are wayyyy more of course.

Just like what my post title suggests, life is indeed made easier with the existence of iprice. Especially for people like me who wouldn't choose to go that unnecessary extra mile just to get something from a mall. The hassle of dressing up, driving, getting stuck in the jam, parking and yada yada...... Online shopping sounds good to me.

Start shopping with iprice today!

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