Bali Adventures

Let me begin this post by saying I fell deeply in love with Bali, just like most people who visited the fascinating yet humble place. I'm definitely NOT someone who likes the ocean because the fact that it looks endless scares me, and I loathe the taste of salt water. But the island totally left my mother, my brother and I in awe.

The flight was 3 hours long which passed by quite quickly. And gosh, turbulence is real.

To be honest, I didn't expect much for this trip since it was planned last minute and we just wanted to relax and spend our precious holiday wisely since we're all busy now.

Took a cab from the airport to our home for that few days which was located at Legian - AQ-VA. I loved everything about that place especially the simplicity finish. Our room was supposed to fit only 2, but they allowed us anyway. And lucky for us, we got the room right in front of the pool so it felt like we were in our own villa! Our room was so clean and neat all the time, which was crucial to me cause hygiene comes first. Most importantly, the price is very affordable.

And have I mentioned how friendly are the Balinese people?! They always smile at you and make you feel so welcomed. This is one of the main reasons why I love Bali. I don't think I have encountered anyone who was rude.

My stay. My room was the bottom right in the first picture! Small but amazing place.

Took a stroll along the streets after settling down -

#1 must-do in Bali: BARGAIN!
The people there will offer you crazy prices assuming you're a tourist, so you gotta cut them off by at least half! It depends on your luck actually. But they are really nice so no harm trying.

Next morning:

My mother did a little research on what to eat at Legian earlier, so we decided to make our way to this restaurant called Tekor Bali which was by the beach for breakfast.

Not highly, but still recommended, mainly for the price.
A breakfast set includes a plate of big breakfast/fried rice + a basket of bread of your choice + a plate of fruit salad + a pot of coffee/tea + a glass of fruit juice.. for less than RM20! Sounds great. Which is why we went back for another round on the third day. The food was mediocre but for the price, you just don't complain.

Walked around the Legian beach nearby after our satisfying breakfast. I finally got to experience having manicure and pedicure done while enjoying the sea breeze. My brother also got to try a session of massage on the beach.

The way too ambitious us wanted to walk to Kuta beach but not during halfway we realized it's too far and it was burning hot, so we called for motorcycles instead. There's just a part of the city girl me which enjoys motorcycle rides, I don't know why.

@ Beachfront Mall, which was also the only mall I went.

The little details.

Walked around Kuta for some street shopping after chilling indoor. No joke, the heat was really too much to handle.

Took a cab back to the hotel afterwards. Washed up and headed to a sky garden buffet place which I forgot the name. I wouldn't recommend it because the food tasted very normal, and some sucked.

Twinning with my gorgeous mother!

The next day-

Chilling by the pool during our free time.

(The last picture was from the day before)

Decided to be more adventurous and touristy so we went to some popular places recommended by the driver we hired. He had portable wifi in his car, how cool?!

Went to Nusa Dua for water sports because my brother wanted to try so badly. The driver was nice enough to tell the people there to offer us local price, which helped us save a lot. We wanted to try the parachute, flying fish and jet ski but parachute was dangerous so we only got to try the other two. Flying fish was scary for me but I enjoyed jet ski even though it was nothing close to thrilling.

Flying fish, ready for take off!

That's our flying fish. I honestly felt I was flying wayyyy higher than what it seems in this picture!

Burnt some money but it was good experience nonetheless.

Onto the next destination- Uluwatu!
The weather was TOO hot thus we didn't enjoy at all. Walking about 2 kilometres under the scorching Sun to see something not so interesting wasn't cool at all, but it was quite enjoyable when there was wind.

I love this picture so much I don't know why hahaha.

This reminded me of The Great Wall of China!

Next was Pantai Pandawa, which had the nicest beach I've ever seen with my own pair of naked eyes.

Our last stop of the day was Jimbaran. We were so happy that we finally got the chance to sit down and relax. The sunset was nothing special, maybe it was just the environment which made it nice. We also had seafood dinner by the beach which costed a bomb(for me at least).

The second last day-
After a long and tiring day visiting different places the previous day, we decided that we just wanted to really relax. We walked along the streets nearby our hotel and went for massage which was quite disappointing. Thai massage over Balinese's any day!

Had a bite at Ossotel which was located opposite the massage parlour, because we had to wait for our turn. The food was quite nice and the hotel looked really pretty(but I still prefer mine hehe)!

I love these pictures! Sadly the second one was ruined by the people in the background.

The last day-
Went for one last round of street shopping before leaving our lovely hotel to the airport.

#2 must-do in Bali: BUY SILVER! LOTS OF THEM. It's nice and definitely cheaper!

So proud that I made all the way here. The most lengthy post I've ever written. Planned to only put pictures but a little explanations wouldn't hurt right. Hehe. Unless my grammar gave you heart attack.

With love,


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