Feelin' So Fly in My Flyknit

The boyfriend came over as usual and we had this spontaneous photoshoot at a supermarket's rooftop! Before the shoot, I planned to include a trolley to make it look more 'hipster' but I totally forgot about it until we were shooting halfway, so we just went on without the trolley. I have to admit that I look really fat in some of the pictures but I am still pretty satisfied with the outcome. All thanks to the very patient boyfriend who braved the killer Sun for this without complaining at all (thankfully it was windy!).

Thank you B, for being patient with me even though I was so hard to deal with. And of course, thank you for the shoes. You know me too well ;)


AND!!! I'm thinking of doing more photoshoots now so if you are interested in being my model, please email me at cheyenne_wan@hotmail.com and we will discuss more about it!

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  1. Finally, you are posting again!! I've waited for more than one month to read your newest post HAHAHA. Btw, you look fab as always and you don't look fat at all ;) and i love those photos!! I really want to do photo shoot with you but sadly I live in another country HAHAH hmm I think that's all. Keep inspiring! :)