Skater Girl

Before I start, I must say that no, I can't skate, it's obviously for photography purposes. And the dress is too short for my height so it's more like a top for me and I wore pants inside.

I've always wanted to do a shoot with a skateboard but I had no idea where to get a cheap skateboard for just photography purposes since I can't skate, then I came across this RM30 skateboard in Giant hypermarket! This was quite a last minute shoot though, asked the best friend out to be my photographer just half an hour before this shoot and we shot around her housing area.

My pretty bustier skater dress is sponsored by iSpeakfashion(@ispeakfashionn on Instagram). Mention my name to get rebate of RM5 if you purchase from them in this 3 days! Love the cutting so much and I love how it fits me perfectly even though the length is a lil' short for me. I paired this dress with my grey Converse to look more casual and more like a 'skater girl'.

I don't like how I look in these pictures.. (but whatever)

With love,

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  1. Hey,
    great outfit and sweet pictures. I really like your dress.