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Last month, I received an email from Fiona Sng (who is a talented Singaporean photographer & blogger) saying she will be coming down to KL with her mother for 3 days & wanted to have a shoot with Amelia & I. And of course I said yes!! Discussed & planned everything and settled with the final dates! As you know, time flies.. so the day I've been waiting for almost a month finally arrived! She came down to KL on Monday, we met up with her & had a tea time together @ TWG Tea, Pavilion. Oh surprisingly there weren't any awkward moments at all, we just talked like we met for a long time! We went seperate ways & I believe we felt really excited for the shoot on the next day! :)

On the next day, we had a shoot at the beautiful KLCC Park! I saved my time on finding a suitable model, Jia Ni is the best model because she's so pretty & photogenic(but trust me she looks MUCH better in real life), and the best part is she's actually my good friend so we all feel more comfortable! She dressed up in my clothes & we started shooting! Sadly it rained when we just started but the rain only lasted for about 5 minutes so we continued shooting after that. Shot for about 45 minutes & it started raining really heavily so we had to stop. I'm sure we didn't have enough time because we were late(SO SORRY FIONA!!) & she had to leave early so yeah. But thankfully I still have some okay-okay photos to post here! We actually planned to do 1 girly shoot & 1 badass shoot but we only managed to do the badass one because we were running out of time & also because of the rain! But it's okay, we will continue the second round in Singapore one day! ;)

Please note that I'm still a beginner & it's only my first time shooting with a good photographer & my second time(first time here) shooting a model who actually dressed up nicely so yeah.. forgive me if these photos are not good enough for your taste! I promise I'll keep learning!

Here are my photos -
(edited using different presets, some are my own edits, some are Julia Trotti's & some are Amanda Wong's, they are super talented, must check them out!)

Hello Fiona(if you're reading this), I just wanna say that I really had a good time with you & I hope I'll get to meet you in Singapore one day! You are so so so lovely & I really didn't know thst we could actually click that well! Take care & I wish you the best in everything you do! Keep going & I strongly believe that you'll become really successful one day. So much love, your friend from Malaysia! Hugs & Kisses x x x

I love photography. I love the people I met throughout my photography 'journey'.


  1. She looks more to cute. Doesn't suit the dress code. Great shoot though :-)

  2. Hey Cheyenne! I'm a really really huge fan of your photography; you're one of my favorite photographers. :DD If I may ask, before you got Photoshop (since I'm still an amateur. But I will someday! ), what apps specifically did you use to make your photos look so amazing? :O Any tips? .___. I'd appreciate it a lot, thanks! :)

  3. Hey love! Thanks for the shoutout on the curves, really happy to know that you're using them! :)
    Great job on the photos, I especially loved the 3rd and last one :)
    btw, I need to introduce you to someone! Will pm you on fb!

  4. nice shots :) im a photography and fashion blog too, please visit sometime and tell me if you would like to follow each other <3


  5. Hello darling! <: I can finally properly access blogger cause China bans blogspot cause I cant seem to access ): Hehe miss you! I'll try to work on the photos soon! Been so displaced and busy I need time to settle back down again now that I'm back (:

  6. I love this outfit so much! I want the leggings!!
    Lovely photos!
    abeautifulmaybe.blogspot.com - xo