the colourful days

I miss being a kid. I miss going to the playground almost everyday.. I'm 17 already oh my gosh. I want to get done with my major examination(Nov '12) as soon as possible but at the same time I don't wanna grow up.. Life's getting tougher & tougher! :(

Anw, this is the white Tamika dress from cchariot! Since the dress is white, I thought of doing something colourful & fun - balloons & playground! Paired the Tamika dress with my Converse(my dirty school shoes lol) for a more casual look!

These photos are not what I expected but hopefully it's okay :)
(excuse my huge legs.. I really need to start working out seriously; oh & I added the sunflare in btw in case you're wondering why is it suddenly left then suddenly right)

I gave the kids I met at the playground the colourful balloons, they were so shy when I took out my camera & they started running around, it was better for me cause they looked so naturally happy!

Cheyenne x


  1. May I ask u, who help u camture those photo? Naice :)

    1. If I'm in the pictures then my maid, if I'm not in the pictures then I'm the photographer :)
      thank you x

  2. Your hair looks sososo pretty in the second last phto! And you just started using photoshop and you're so good at it already. Jealous! :(

    1. Thank you so much Yernie x
      Hahaha there are still a lot to learn! :)