Picnic(without food) with Myself

These are some old pictures that I took during the last holiday in June, a day after this shoot. As you can see, I really like decorate/setting up a place for photoshoots especially. Hopefully I will get the chance to have my own studio which will be cottage-like in the future even if photography is just my hobby. I'm so bored of my own same props which appear in most of my pictures. I need to get more new(or old - vintage) props for photoshoots! And also get other types of flowers other than roses &; gerberas. Aaah I wish Malaysia had some daisy/others fields, I will go there for photoshoot every week with different concepts & models! Sadly.. there are only abandoned fields in Malaysia.

I don't like the way I edited these pictures. They are not what I wanted at all. I wanted them to be soft & vintage kind but I failed. I always fail when it comes to editing the way I want. Hopefully I get to play around with more edits & curves on Photoshop real soon! I need to improve!



  1. Omg this is so wonderful ♥♥♥♥♥
    I would love to have a picnic with you ;)

    Love ♥
    Charlie :)

  2. woahh look so pretty! awesome dress and photographs! <3