I Love London

You have no idea how much I love the UK especially London. One day. I know one day I will be there, chasing my dreams, walking down the streets with my sunglasses on, holding my camera to shoot the London Eye & Big Ben and Houses of Parliament & just enjoy my life there. Oh and I absolutely love the red double-decker bus & telephone booth! London is just so beautiful.

This lovely London suitcase is my 17th birthday present from Shin Ling & Joey, I love it so so so much! And of course I love other presents too! Random note: My notebook collection is groooowing!

(these pictures' tones are the same as the ones in previous post because I shot these on the same day & I was trying out new vintage edits on these pictures)


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  1. I LOVE LONDON TOO! I wish I can visit London someday :) btw, very nice post cheyenne! :D btw, do you use photoshop? what photoshop did you use? :D

    have a nice day !