Tea Party In The Field

During the holidays, I went to the park outside my house to have a mini photoshoot with myself - tea party in the field. What a name I know. Tea party in the field without food to be exact. I was pretty satisfied with the unedited ones when I see from my camera & I thought I could make them look better but honestly I don't like my edits at all. I wish I can have someone to teach me how to edit soft/dreamy kind of pictures. Ah whatever! I'll keep learning.

Oh I've always wanted to have photoshoots like this, I'm glad I finally did it! And of course, more to come!


  1. hi, cheyenne! i've been waiting this post and finally you published this post! :D you always inspire me, i love the way you edit all the photos, and the concept YOU ARE SUCH A GREAT BLOGGER ;) keep posting, I love your blog and your instagram! :)


    1. Awh thank you so much love! This means so much to me <3 I truly appreciate your sweet words! You made my day <3