Festival of Lights

It's been a while.. I think I've had my Bali blog post in my drafts for months now. I promise it will be up soon but for now here are some pictures Brandon took of me at i-City last few days! It was our first time exploring the theme park and we were there on Deepavali eve, which explains the crowd you see in the pictures (and also the blog title hehe). I've always wanted to do a shoot with colourful lights at night and this place was perfect for us. This is surely one of my favourite photoshoots to date, and it reminded how much I loved doing this. Time may not be on my side now but I'd still love to go back there on a bright day for some cute pictures! Think cotton candy and colours!

More to come x


Tanadewa Luxury Villas & Spa Bali

In collaboration with Tanadewa Luxury Villas & Spa

Your girl was finally back in one of her favourite places, Bali, after more than a year! Third time there and I just can't seem to get enough. What is Bali without the merciless Sun, (crowded) beautiful beaches and luxury private villas?! I had a taste of all of those and I must say it's freaking amazing. Bali is paradise. And I can't wait to be back already.

Good things are meant to be shared so here I am introducing you Tanadewa Luxury Villas & Spa, a private luxury villa located in Nusa Dua which I stayed at for 2 nights. First thing first, Nusa Dua is definitely a more quiet and peaceful place compared to Seminyak/Kuta/Legian so if you're looking for a more laid back holiday, Nusa Dua is the place for you. Roads are much wider and it's less jam so it's easier to get around. Tanadewa is located pretty nearby the airport and about 45 minutes away from Uluwatu by bike and it's about 50 minutes ride away from Seminyak.

The 3 days I stayed there I was mostly spending my time in the villa, at Uluwatu or Jimbaran since there are a lot of gems to explore around that two areas! This post is solely focused on Tanadewa so I'll have a separate post on the places I went next (with lots of visuals!).

Now let me walk you through the beautiful villa..
This is our 'one bedroom pool villa with Jacuzzi' which is perfect for couple! The king sized bed is superrr soft and comfortable it made us so lazy! And I really loooove the bathroom so much I think I spent too much time in the bath tub... Oh, the unique part of this villa is that the bedroom and bathroom are both located upstairs while the private pool, lounge area and kitchen are located downstairs. I personally think it's a great concept. Think breakfast by the pool after a satisfying morning swim! Sounds like a perfect tropical getaway isn't it? In my case we had delicious Indonesian cup noodles by the pool hehe. And and and outdoor showers?! Yes please! Even though I spent too much time in the bathroom, I'm still happy I got to clean myself before heading upstairs! They also provide towels, sunscreen and mosquito repellent on a tray by the pool so A+ for their effort!

Another thing to love about Bali is surely the frangipani trees! How lucky of me, the villa was literally filled with the trees so you get to see pretty flowers everywhere! I actually went to the receptionist and asked for the flowers because I thought of doing a flower bathroom shoot hehe. Indonesians are the kindest so of course he went to great lengths to pluck the flowers for me! Tell me what's not to love about this villa and its amazing people. They are so friendly and lovely, always wearing a smile on their face which makes you feel welcomed and warm all the time. I love that so much about Tanadewa's staff. Also, huge thanks to bae Jiexi for the Lush bath bomb all the way from the States!

We were also offered breakfast for 2 mornings and I enjoyed it so much. The first morning I opted for the American breakfast, which was good. The boyfriend ordered their nasi goreng and it was so delicious I had to order that the second morning! Superrr yums. Surely one of the best meals I had in Bali. You know Asians and their rice... hehehe.

And of course saving one of the best parts of Tanadewa for the last... If you ever decide to stay at Tanadewa, you MUST try their Tanaspa. I was lucky enough to be offered the 60 minute Earth Spa, which made my stay much more better! I loved every single second of it. The boyfriend had to wake me up after the session because I was so deeply asleep, the masseuse couldn't wake me up! Hahaha it was that comfortable, I'm not kidding!

Look how cozy is this Tanaspa room! Totally enjoyed the ambiance and the fantastic service. The whole experience started off with a foot spa (I LOVE FOOT SPAS!!!), then proceeded to the massage and ended with some Indonesian delights and tea! Everything was perfect. It is no surprise they were the winner for 2015 World Luxury Spa Awards! Words just don't cut it, you need to see and feel it for yourself!

Thank you for reading! Now it's time to look at your schedule and plan your next trip to Bali! ;) Consider staying at Tanadewa Luxury Villas & Spa because it's surely one hell of an experience! I'M SO HAPPY AND THANKFUL!!!

Bali visuals in the next post! x


Metropole Bangkok

In collaboration with Metropole Bangkok
(The Crest Collection by the Ascott Limited)

Sawadee ka! I'm finally back with another hotel review you wouldn't wanna miss! ;)

Located in the most hipster district in Bangkok, Thonglor, you'll find this colonial architecture inspired building which stands out from the other modern-looking buildings. And it's none other than Metropole Bangkok, which is one of the serviced apartments under The Crest Collection by the Ascott Limited.

If you know me, you'd know how much I admire beautiful interior designs. No matter vintage or modern, I like them both equally. Which is exactly why this place was made for me - Metropole Bangkok offers a unique juxtaposition between contemporary and classic! I was totally blown away by the gorgeous interior design once I stepped into the lobby after spending 10 minutes taking pictures of the building outside! Greeted with the sight of walls full of photo frames, quilted leather couches and antique trunks - I was screaming internally while holding back the urge to drop everything to go photograph the interiors because I had to check in first.

Got the room keys and went up excitedly because I had high expectations after seeing just the lobby area! I was offered the Studio room, which was perfect for me and my best travel buddy/photographer, my boyfriend. The room wasn't big but boy, it was beautiful. The room was so cozy and comfortable, which made us feel so homey. Think king-sized bed, big curtains and yellow lighting! I just love love love their concept so much. As it's a serviced apartment, the room was fully equipped with a mini kitchen and washing machine. The boyfriend and I totally made full use of the kitchen because we love Thailand's 7 Eleven sausages and packed fried rice!

Priced at RM361 (last checked on booking.com), it's a pretty damn good deal considering it's basically a home away from home. I highly recommend this place for your stay in Bangkok, if you want luxury at an affordable price! You'll enjoy your stay as much as I did, trust me.

Now it's time for the pictures to do the talking. Firstly here are some visuals of the building-

Onto the interiors-
(Super gorgeous right?!)

This is PRIM Nurture Retreats, located on Metropole's ground floor! Every guest is entitled for a complimentary 15-minute spa service so yay to that! Even though it was short, it was honestly really therapeutic after a long day of exploring & shopping!

Our humble Studio room-
(I lost the photos of the kitchen & bathroom.. but I promise they look as pretty as you can imagine!)

The pool area which we spent our mornings at-