Tuesday, January 6, 2015


After countless times of being in front of the camera, I decided to stay behind it this time and let my boyfriend expose his secret obsession towards modelling in the public (hah not really). We wandered and shot around Pavilion on a fine Monday afternoon after a satisfying retail therapy session for me. It was very awkward for him to pose with people looking at him at first, but he eventually got used to the stares and started posing (more) naturally. He claims he's unphotogenic but I think he did a pretty good job considering he's always behind the camera!

Featuring his watch from MVMT Watches and his favourite Flyknit Roshe (Fireberry).
(And also featuring me at the end of this post)

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Thursday, January 1, 2015


As you graduate and start to build your own life, you will start to receive wedding invitations from your relatives as well as the friends you spent your high school life or uni life with. When this happens, you will probably have a hard time deciding what to wear on their special occasion looking poise but not upstaging the bride. The best choice for women to wear to weddings without worrying looking out of place is and always will be dresses. Everyone knows that a woman should never ever wear a white dress to a wedding. However, a woman can definitely look stunning in a black dress as it gives a classic sophisticated characteristic. As they always say, black is the new black. This simple yet classy colour will never ever go out of trend. Black dresses may be seen as inappropriate to some people but as time passes, black dresses are perfect to flaunt at weddings especially if it is a night event in a ballroom. Besides that, black colour has the slimming effect which will make you super confident mingling around in your own skin.

For the ladies who prefer to show off their feminine side should opt for a pastel coloured dress. Pastel coloured dresses are perfect to be worn at any weddings as they complement the wedding themes. Other than that, pastel dresses make a woman look soft, elegant and approachable. Pair the pastel coloured dress with a pair of ballerina flats or high heels and go swift through the place with style and look how much of attention you'll get. 

The third type of dress suitable for wedding occasions is lace detailed dresses. Laces always have that certain elegant touch in them which makes a woman look effortless. For example, women who want a girly girl look may go for a dress with a lot of embellished laces with lighter colours while the louder women may appear poise with a black lace dress. 

Interested ladies who cannot figure out what to wear on weddings and need some new clothes should check out ZALORA dresses online for women collection from various brands. Unlimited choices but I'm sure you'll find the perfect one which fits you like a glove there. 

Pictures taken from Google